Dealer Comments

  • David Brown, Parts Manager of Lexus of Fresno

    “Customers should have no problem realizing the value of this key, as do our customers who have purchased the Eternity Key after replacing their fragile factory more than once.”

  • Joe Lapuz, Parts Manager of Valley Lexus

    “Eternity Keys are answered prayers to customers who come in with broken factory keys. Peace of mind of knowing these keys won’t break again is priceless”

  • Duane Heitzman, Parts Manager of Lexus of Tacoma

    “The Eternity Key is a great alternative to the factory key. We recommend the Eternity Key to all our guest that come in with a broken factory key.”

  • Scott Williams, Parts Manager of Lexus of Roseville

    “This is the only key I would personally recommend to a guest to replace a broken factory key, period.”

Customer Comments

  • ~Lexus Forum User

    “I purchased two Eternity Keys in May and my daughter is loving hers in her 2001 RX & I’m enjoying mine in my 2002 RX. They are very strong!! I can’t imagine them ever breaking. If you have ever had your Lexus key break while starting your car or locking the trunk for valet parking, you know you never feel really comfortable using your Lexus brand key again. I have broken one of the 2001 RX keys starting it, and recently broke one of the 2002 RX keys locking the trunk. This uneasy feeling is something I don’t have anymore. These are solid keys, with no give.”

  • ~Lexus Forum User

    “I would NEVER recommend anyone buy the original Lexus key. If you have one and it hasn’t broken yet, use it as your second key. Buy a stronger key like the Eternity Key and use it as your main key.”

  • ~Lexus Forum User

    “This key was crafted as if their were no capital restraints on research and development. A permanent key solution that feels as robust as my Lexus LS 430, truly incomparable.”

  • ~Lexus Forum User

    “On the OEM key shell, many people with different Lexus models have been having issues with their shells cracking in half. As we all know, you need the remote to be able to start the car. I bench press about 425lbs and squat about 350lbs, etc. I have a pretty firm grip. I can’t afford to keep breaking keys so the Eternity key solved all my problems.”

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