historyAs an owner of a Lexus,  Joseph Mendoza knew he risked breaking his ignition key every time he started his vehicle, because his GX470 and GS300 had required over seven replacement keys due to breakage in recent years. Four keys were official replacements provided by the dealer. The remaining three keys were purchased on eBay to save money – but they were cheap plastic and broke even faster.

When keys would break at first, Joe resorted to using tape or glue to try and hold them together.  Unfortunately, the keys looked terrible and made it almost impossible to change their batteries.   At one point following a breakage incident, Joe was stranded for several hours until he borrowed a pair of pliers to turn the metal key blank to start his vehicle.

On his seventh key, Joe was a professional on how to hold the key to get the most out of it. Unfortunately, when  Joe  let someone borrow  his SUV he forgot to tell them.  When they returned,  the key was broken. At that moment,  Joe decided it was time for a change.

After a great deal of research,  Joe discovered that this was an issue with ALL car manufacturers factory and aftermarket keys that affected thousands of car owners every year.  He found that these ignition keys broke easily and were expensive to replace, often leaving customers stranded – because there was a flaw in the factory key’s materials and design – and combined with the torque forces used when simply turning the key in the ignition, which caused the key casing to crack and break after time or when held incorrectly.  Not to mention that keys broke easily when they were accidentally dropped or stressed by a key ring overload. That’s when Joe decided to invent his own Patent Pending replacement key.  By creating a solid one-piece case structure with a back. and using military grade materials,  the end result made the Eternity Key’s stronger and more resistant to torque forces than the metal key blade itself.  The final product is so reliable, it is offered with a Lifetime Warranty.

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