Consumers can purchase the Eternity Key from an authorized auto dealer, listed HERE.  In some locations, we have locksmiths who also carry the key for their customers.  Contact us at 916-932-8366 (Pacific Standard Time) or email us at sales@eternitykey.com for information if a nearby seller is not listed.Dealers: To order keys or request a sample and wholesale prices, or to contact the Eternity Key staff for assistance, phone  916-932-8366 (Pacific Standard Time) or email us at sales@eternitykey.com

    Eternity Key is a patented and patent pending product. It is better and stronger due to its unique design and improved materials.  It also carries a lifetime warranty so you will never have to buy another replacement for a broken key again.  Ever.

    Design: Most automotive push button keys are made from brittle plastics with a two piece shell design having the seam line in the center.    Over time, the torque force applied while turning the key in the ignition begins to break the shell apart.   The Eternity Key has a one piece design with a back cover.  This design adds strength to the key and prevents torque forces from breaking the key head.

    Materials: Eternity Key is made from new and improved military grade materials that are stronger than anything on the market. You can feel the difference by just holding the key in your hand.

    Compare: To see the difference between the Eternity Key and current after-market products, yourself, watch our Strength Test Video to see the astounding results.

    In many cases, the retail cost of the Eternity Key is comparable or just slightly more than the factory or aftermarket key sold through the dealership, but it is a much better product with a lifetime warranty, so you will save money by never having to replace this key again.  The actual retail price varies and is determined by the automotive dealers that sell it.  The key’s lifetime warranty assures that you will never have to pay for another broken replacement key again.

    Remember, you get what you pay for.  Cheap keys are made with shoddy materials and you can’t trust them to last – and there is no lifetime warranty with these knock-off products, so you could replace keys several times over the lifetime of your vehicle.  The Eternity Key is a premium product that is built to last, and is priced competitively to keep it affordable, and yet we think it is worth any cost to ensure the  safety and security of the driver. Plus…

    • Buying a valet key only does not allow you access to trunk, locking glove box or gas levers.
    • Many dealers will not cut keys bought on eBay.
    • Some keys are illegally made and sold to unsuspecting buyers.
      Would you want YOUR family member to be left stranded with a broken key?

    The Eternity Key comes with a lifetime warranty.  If anything should go wrong with it, please return your broken key to the dealer which you bought it from for a free replacement.

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